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Teknion Sponsors Junior Fellows at 2016 Applied Brilliance Conference


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Annual conference explores new trends and emerging cultural paradigm shifts that inform and shape our future

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Mark Harris

Manager, Media Relations

Teknion Corporation

416.661.1577, Ext. 2258

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Mary Ellen Magee

Director, Marketing Communications

Teknion LLC



April ​​​5, 201​6

Teknion Corporation has announced that it will host a select group of architects and designers at the 10th Annual Applied Brilliance Conference from April 5-8, 2016, in Havana, Cuba.

"Teknion is again hosting five architects and designers through the Junior Fellows Sponsorship, which helps develop young talent under the age of 35," said Mary Ellen Magee, Director, Marketing Communications, Teknion. "Our guests will experience first-hand this year’s theme – Resilience and Revival – and discover how resilience and revival may be the two most powerful qualities we need to survive."

Applied Brilliance produces an annual conference that helps shape our future and understand the present. It brings together a community of the intellectually curious and independent thinkers who work alongside brilliant presenters from the hard sciences, humanities and social sciences. Past conferences have explored the emerging trends and cultural paradigm shifts that have informed and shaped our future.

The 2016 Applied Brilliance Conference takes place April 5-8 at the Memories Miramar Havana hotel. For more information on the conference: www.appliedbrilliance2016.com

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