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Teknion Launches Significant New Laminate Program at NeoCon 2015


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Colors and patterns reflect current design trends to embrace natural materials such as wood, stone and grains in interior finish palettes

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J​UNE ​​15, 2015

Teknion Corporation today announced the launch of a major laminate program at NeoCon – the commercial interiors industry’s most important annual event – June 15-17 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The program features custom-developed colors and patterns that are specifically designed for today’s office environments, plus low- and high-pressure (LPL and HPL) laminates developed to overcome typical industry visual discrepancies – an industry first. The laminate color palette supports the trend towards mixed material furniture compositions while setting a new color tone for future Teknion finish updates.

"The underlying influence affecting the finish program is the recognition of a finish renaissance that is resonating through our world and certainly office environments," said Geoffrey Milligan, Teknion Director of Design, responsible for new design and development of materials and finishes. "The places we live and work influence our behavior and our emotional state. Color, form and texture contribute to the designer’s plan for the function and mood of the environment. Our clients are looking for their furniture to respond in look and feel to their overall design theme, which has created the opportunity to strengthen and refine our material and finish palette." 

The new laminate collection supports a trending movement towards expressing natural materials and color. This might be seen as wood expressed in a natural state, or solid colors that are derived from earth, stone or poppy seeds hues. Direct connection to our personal comfort of home, nature and authentic craft-making are strong influences for the collection.

"Our research discovered that some colors and patterns needed to be custom-developed for office application as they simply did not exist. The color temperature of the office environment is often different from other industries, typically a bit cooler. Veneer was hand-selected and shared with our décor printer, who worked closely with us to design and execute our specific patterns and colors." 

In an industry first, Teknion developed low- and high-pressure (LPL and HPL) laminates to overcome typical industry visual discrepancies. As a result of these improvements and furniture composition trends, LPL and HPL matches for each laminate design will be more commonly available.

Architectural applications were studied to better understand color and pattern needs, resulting in a new focused palette. Designers typically associate moveable wall vertical surface colors with surrounding interior building walls, which are often painted surfaces. The new palette reflects these popular paint colors.

Flexibility is another theme built into the new laminate collection. Often, plans for floor-plates coordinate different finish materials selected to align with use. However, maintaining color and pattern can be difficult. The new scalable pattern Reflect was created to link Teknion’s veneer to laminate finish. This finish coordinating strategy will help designers plan more efficiently using different Teknion finishes and materials across its diverse product range.

In addition to upStage, Teknion will be showing the Livello Height-Adjustable Bench, Variable HybrED seating, and an extensive new laminates program. New lounge seating and tables from Teknion Studio include Cover, Cavu, Qui, and Infinito + Massalla. New from Teknion Textiles is Textured Edge by Suzanne Tick. Visit Teknion’s redesigned tenth-floor showroom #1048 during NeoCon 2015.
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