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In a hybrid workplace design, social and collaborative applications play a crucial role in ensuring seamless communication and collaboration among employees, regardless of their location. As remote work becomes more prevalent, these tools provide virtual team-building opportunities, allow for real-time project management, and facilitate remote team meetings and discussions. This helps to bridge the gap between in-person and remote work, creating a more cohesive and connected workforce.

Additionally, these applications can also help to support a more flexible and agile work environment, allowing for increased collaboration, and the ability to pivot quickly to changes in the market or business landscape. With the increasing awareness of ESG, companies are implementing sustainability practices in their workplace by investing in energy-efficiency technology, practicing virtual meetings and encouraging employee engagement.

Application Overview

From focus individual to creative collaboration, social spaces provide people to choose where, how and with whom they perform their best work. The social and collaborative ancillary collection is categorized into eight applications designed to cultivate communication and teamwork in the hybrid workplace.

It includes a greeting area, lounge, public space, personal workspace, collaboration area, cafe, and cultural hub. By utilizing these social applications, individuals have the freedom to select the environment that are responsive to the way we work and foster meaningful connection among work communities.


Middle ground for unscheduled interactions

Located within departments or organizational groups, between spaces offer a greater sense of privileged access and intimacy than public spaces. Their central location between office clusters creates the ideal environment for serendipitous get-togethers, on-the-go meetings and impromptu gatherings.

Provincial by department, yet open and unassigned, between spaces are the destination for nomadic workers who value a choice in how, where and with whom they work. In offices characterized by prescriptive workspaces, between spaces empower desk-bound workers to reset their posture, change their scenery and find comfort within and around.

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Settings to gracefully welcome visitors

Greeting spaces go beyond traditional lobbies and generic reception areas. Employing a range of new spatial metaphors – including living rooms, cafés, visitor centers and museums – they add an air of authenticity and freshness to hospitality.

Intimate, versatile and culturally expressive, greeting spaces put company values on display to welcome employees as they kick off each day. For arriving guests, they are where impressions are made and expectations are set.

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Settings to support group work

Social spaces optimized for collaboration combine elements of choice with the advents of team-oriented productivity. By introducing white boards, digital displays and telepresence capabilities, these co-creation spaces are outfitted as much for presentations as they are for team engagements.

Collaboration-driven spaces create the ideal learning environments for classrooms and workshops. They can also be retrofitted for long-term engagements, serving as the base of operations for a team and their project.

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Settings to pause and gather in the commons

Public settings live within high-traffic circulation spaces. Amid the continuous movement of people around buildings and across corporate campuses, public settings help companies express their brand identity, organizational values and culture. They give employees a place to pause as well as create opportunities for serendipitous connection.

Whether designed as an outdoor setting or as an indoor space simulating an outdoor environment, public spaces are ideal for instilling a greater sense of community and enabling wellness across the organization.

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Relaxed settings to gather or seek refuge

Lounge settings capture the essence of “life at work” by leveraging familiar home and hospitality metaphors, including living rooms, hotel lobbies, social clubs and more. Ranging from formal to casual, they are a vessel for expressing organizational identity and the culture of work.

The open office lounge can hybridize as greeting, between or a component of culture hub spaces, whereas the private lounge can double as a casual collaboration space or as a privileged area within a department setting.

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Private settings for focus

Social spaces are as much for collaborative engagements as they are for personal work. In these shared environments, employees can find focus for their heads-down work or inspiration in times of undisturbed reflection.

Distinct from their private office and owned workstation counterparts, social spaces optimized for personal work help workers shift fluidly between their need for focus or a private moment and the immersive energy inherent within an open work environment.

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Settings to refresh and socialize

Café spaces are agile. Throughout the day, they can dynamically shift, serving a different function in the morning, at lunch and in the late afternoon. These also enable a variety of work modalities. Employees can find refuge in cafés, allowing them to work alone or closely with colleagues.

Cafés empower productivity because of their inherent flexibility, promoting a culture of choice throughout the office. Whether utilized for personal, social or collaborative work, their communal qualities introduce a spatial experience ripe with culture and a palpable atmospheric energy.

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Community centers to connect and celebrate culture

Amid the dissolving boundaries between work and life, culture hubs take shape. Blending multiple settings into a centralized destination, they are a vessel for company values, offering employees a range of opportunities to converse, congregate and transact in the office’s cultural currency.

Media, entertainment and games provide an added escape, while integrated cafés provide access to food and refreshments. Versatile and scalable, the culture hub is ideal for everything from happy hours and small group events to larger celebrations and all-hands meetings.

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