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While today’s academic culture may be less about hierarchy and more about mentorship and collaboration, the private office remains a prevalent feature of colleges and universities, whether share by faculty members and graduate students or acting as statement of leadership in the President’s office. Teknion casegoods project an image of quality at an affordable price, with a choice of components, materials and finishes that facilitate the design of a classic or contemporary space tailored to budget guidelines, as well as aesthetic and functional requirements.


Graduate Student/Teaching
or Research Assistant

PhD candidates and others seeking advanced degrees straddle the world of teachers and students, acting as research or teaching assistants who guide discussion groups or project teams that meet in or outside the classroom. Resident workstations, augmented with small meeting tables, support assistants’ academic pursuits and their various activities as mentors or instructors. Wall-mounted storage cabinets, credenzas and towers help to organize books, notebooks and personal items, minimizing clutter in the work area. Credenzas and storage towers also serve to define work areas within what is often a limited amount of space.


With its unique design, Expansion Cityline can be used to create a meeting zone adjacent to a series of bench workstations, thus enabling interaction among professors, assistants and students.

This multi-faceted space combines Expansion Desking, an Expansion Casegoods Meeting Table and the Spectrum Lounge Chair to yield diverse work zones. The Projek Task Chair is ideal for the shared workspaces common in academic institutions. The chair’s flexible mesh back and range of adjustment allows Projek to fit the great majority of body shapes and heights.

The hybrid Interpret Bench/work Table is ideal in a space where individuals alternate between focused and collaborative work. The Desktop Optimizer and Backdrop storage organize work and personal items, while the credenza provides traditional filing storage

Expansion Desking employs screens and low credenzas to delineate workstations that retain a sense of openness. A back-painted Marker Board at one end of the workbench invites collaboration.

Administration Areas

The constraints common to academic institutions require a resourceful use of multi-functional furniture with a light, clean aesthetic that does not overpower a small space, maintaining adequate circulation to encourage movement. In the shared faculty and staff workstations that feature double-stacked overhead cabinets provide space-efficient storage for documents and work tools. Adding a small table offers a simple solution for impromptu meetings. A hybrid worksurface/storage unit functions as a collaborative zone that is accessible simply by swiveling one’s chair around and standing up. The change of posture helps administrative staff to maintain mental and physical energy over the course of the day.

Expansion Desking overhead cabinets provide high capacity storage in the limited space of a shared work area. Ledger Storage lockers combined with a worksurface create a place for people to gather. Expansion Desking metal base and storage well integrate with Ledger metal units.

A versatile furniture system with a crisp, clean look, Leverage creates low-height workstations that can be tailored to personal needs. Combining Leverage with District and upStage storage expands the choice of storage formats, optimizing work efficiency and projecting a contemporary aesthetic.

upStage projects a clean, light look ideally suited to a dynamic contemporary office. Narrow space division elements with a glass blade provide visual privacy, while integrated height adjustable worksurfaces allow users to easily change posture—a marriage of functionality and fresh, modern aesthetics.

Offices and Lounge

Many faculty members prefer a private office, but also frequently interact with students, staff and fellow faculty members. A pullout bench adds space-efficient guest seating in small offices. If more floor space is available, a table, chairs and TV screen offer another level of support for meetings and collaboration. A height-adjustable desk addresses ergonomic concerns. Beyond the private office, a faculty lounge provides a communal space to take a break, hold a meeting or enjoy a happy hour. Informal lounge seating combined with café height tables and stools creates a relaxed, congenial atmosphere. Glass or opaque architectural walls give facility managers the ability to define and modify the space as needed.

Reinvent the traditional faculty lounge by creating a technology-enhanced space that unifies a collaboration/presentation area and a comfort zone. Furniture includes Cloud upholstered benches, a Metropolitan ’14 swivel chair, a Cavu café table and Juntura stools.

Journal wood casegoods offer a refined aesthetic at a scale well-suited to small offices. Wall-mounted bookshelves feature a sliding door with a writable surface. Journal cabinets feature a built-in pivoting bench. The table adjusts to lounge, seated or standing height.

In a spacious office, Expansion Casegoods are configured with a work wall, a credenza and an integrated height-adjustable run-off that maintains the clean aesthetic. A small, glass-topped meeting table precludes any sense of crowding or clutter in the space.


Teknion casegoods project an image consistent with the attributes of leadership. A refined aesthetic, with clean lines and handsome finishes, speaks to sophistication and status without suggesting opulence. Ample storage for correspondence, records and reports is essential, along with shelves and niches that showcase awards and other items signifying personal or institutional achievements and benchmarks. In the formal conference room, coordinated furniture finishes and styles ensure that boardroom tables and seating create a seamless and elegant aesthetic consistent with office casegoods furniture.

Classic casegoods with a clean, architectural look, Dossier offers a fresh interpretation of furniture for the executive office. The Height- Adjustable Run-Off can be added to enhance function and adaptability

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The AC Executive collection includes the signature X-leg Conference Table. This sleek table is intended for medium to large boardroom applications. The fully upholstered Posa chair offers an exceptional level of comfort and conveys a sense of luxury appropriate to the formal conference room.

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