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Teknion Expands Wilkhahn Alliance


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Customers in Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions can now single source complementary product portfolios

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May 1, 2021

Teknion and Wilkhahn formed an Alliance in June 2019 when Teknion showed the Wilkhahn AT and Occo chairs at NeoCon. It was a good, natural fit for both companies which have shared values that emphasize design innovation and sustainability. Wilkhahn’s pioneering office seating, flexible workspace and executive conferencing solutions are internationally recognized as being among the world’s finest, complementing Teknion’s extensive product portfolio and own seating products.

Expanding this alliance, the Teknion and Wilkhahn leadership teams for the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions announced that customers in these regions can now, additionally to the long established individual channels, choose to single-source both company’s highly complementary portfolios. The combination of industry-leading products with an aligned commitment to sustainability and social responsibility has resonated well with customers in these regions and is the foundation for this new venture. “This response to new and evolving market requirements for design focused high performance products also includes a focus on providing streamlined specification and procurement options with market leading service levels,” says Patrick Forget, Managing Director, Teknion Asia Pacific and Middle East.

“We are delighted that this agreement enables our companies to work together in these regions and are confident that this will bring new opportunities to both brands and tangible benefits to our market partners,” says Marc von Briel, Managing Director, Wilkhahn Asia Pacific.

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