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Teknion Wins Five Good Design Awards in International Design Competition


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Journal casegoods, Variable seating, Thesis tables, and Duality and Form + Structure textiles collections earn Good Design Awards

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January 14, 2015

Teknion Corporation today announced that its new Journal casegoods, Variable multi-purpose seating, Thesis learning and library tables, and two Teknion Textiles collections – Duality and Form + Structure – were honored with 2014 Good Design Awards. The annual competition is sponsored by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, and The European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.

"Teknion’s multi-disciplinary design and development team continues to develop clever, timely products that advance ideas of what a workplace can be," said David Feldberg, President & CEO. "We augment this distinctive design process by collaborating with a pool of prominent worldwide designers to gather new ideas and insights into workplace design. These five international design excellence awards are a tribute to our in-house and international roster of designers."

Journal Casegoods

Journal is a comprehensive wood casegoods system with a refined modern aesthetic. It is comprised of versatile, residential-scale components that create a framework for different workstyles, allowing users to move fluidly between tasks. Journal comprises desks, credenzas and cabinets, freestanding and stackable storage, run-offs and returns. Journal is designed for private offices, as well as spaces that are set aside for small-scale meetings. Designed by Chris Wright and Steve Tsai of figure3.

Variable Multi-Purpose Seating

Variable seating features a single plastic shell with ergonomic flexibility in the backrest, a clean shape and comfortable shell. The elastic movement of the backrest comes from the combination of two factors: design geometry and the resistance of the plastic. Variable encompasses a 4-Leg Stacking Guest Chair, Bar- and Counter-Height Stacking Stools, Swivel Multi-Use Work Chairs, Swivel Stools, Conference Chairs and accessories. Designed by Alessandro Piretti. 

Thesis Learning and Library Tables

Thesis is a full line of learning and library tables designed to address today’s evolving learning trends on campus, and in the workplace. Thesis takes a holistic approach to educational furniture by combining learning and library tables in one product line. Thesis can be applied to create collaborative spaces for group work or conversational applications, or pulled apart for independent learning alternatives. Designed by Teknion’s in-house design team.

Duality Textiles Collection

Duality explores the juxtaposition of textures and lusters within a large range of fabrics, taking this concept further and introducing more textures and materials into the brand’s range. The collection includes leathers, textural solids, high-performance vinyls, slick lusters, plush textures and vertical wall fabrics. Duality is comprised of 11 styles – nine upholstery and two wall fabrics. Designed by Suzanne Tick. 

Form + Structure Textiles Collection

Form + Structure celebrates the parallel relationship of hard materials in architecture with soft materials in weaving. Although the scales are different, buildings and textiles share a common framework of interconnected elements that constitute their form and structure. Form + Structure is comprised of nine styles – five upholstery and four panel fabrics. Designed by Suzanne Tick.&

About Good Design

The Good Design competition is organized annually by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. For 2014, the museum received submissions from several thousand of the world’s leading manufacturers and industrial and graphic design firms representing the most important and influential corporations from over 48 countries. The jury met in New York and Los Angeles and selected over 700 product designs and graphics from over 36 nations worthy of the Good Design Award.

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