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Teknion Introduces Nuova Contessa Task Chair at NeoCon 2017


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Refined Aesthetic, Advanced Adjustment Mechanisms, Increased Strength & Durability Deliver Uncompromised Comfort & Performance for Diverse Body Types

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June 12, 2017

Teknion Corporation today announced the launch of the Nuova Contessa task chair at showroom #1048 during NeoCon 2017, June 12 to 14, The Mart, Chicago. Nuova Contessa is a redesigned and enhanced version of Teknion’s popular Contessa synchro-tilt task chair. It honors the beautiful signature, sweeping line of Contessa’s structural frame, while offering significantly upgraded seating functions and increased strength. The chair has been redesigned to meet current demands for uncompromised seating comfort for diverse body types.

“The redesign focused on competing ideals. Our challenge was to further refine the beautiful lines of Contessa and, at the same time, fine-tune the performance attributes of a task chair already at the top of its class,” said Neil Jones, VP & GM, Seating. “Nuova Contessa advances both the design and performance of the original. We have expanded the chair’s durability features while perfecting its adjustment mechanisms, and user fit and comfort. Nuova Contessa is nothing short of a next generation task chair fully refined yet retaining the most popular qualities of the original.”

Nuova Contessa inherited Contessa’s flowing and beautiful frame lines. However, the redesigned back and seat frame offer an even lighter and thinner design, enhancing the chair’s sophistication and elegance across the work environment. The chair now provides moderate flexibility and follows the movement of the body.

The signature Smart Operation feature was ahead of its time and remains innovative today. It, too, has been improved. Smart Operation is an advanced mechanism that employs levers conveniently located in the armrests, enabling the user to make adjustments to match their natural posture from a seated position. Levers at the front of the armrest adjust the seat height and reclining angle, achieving a level of comfort and ease far superior to other office chairs.

“Contessa's patented Smart Operation feature simplifies what can be a daunting task, and is impressively responsive,” said Christine Dominik, Director, Product Management, Seating, Teknion. “This encourages more frequent adjustment, which is important to our ongoing health. The new design perfects the Smart Operation performance by engineering width-adjustment into the arm pad of the 4D arm, better addressing the ergonomic and anthropometric needs of today’s growing market.”

Other performance enhancements include a more flexible backrest and seat frame, and a 300-pound (136 kg) weight capacity that exceeds BIFMA requirements. Nuova Contessa includes a 24/7 warranty. The task chair is available with a mesh or upholstered seat. The new comfort-enhanced Tri-Durometer foam substrate optimizes user comfort and support in the upholstered seat. Newly developed Zahedral mesh combines yarns excellent in durability, texture, stretchability and strength. In the mesh-seat version, the mesh material used in the chair’s seat is unique and different from that used in the back, providing suitable tension for comfort and support of the different body parts.

The new Very White plastic frame color and fresh mesh finishes appeal to today’s interiors. Options including fixed arms and a back without a lumbar provide clean lines and simplified use for touchdown, executive or boardroom environments. These options also provide customers with more choice, resulting in a lower price point when the full functionality of a task chair is not required.

In addition to Nuova Contessa, Teknion will also be showing several new additions to the Zones furniture collection, Expansion Cityline furniture system, and the Altos Landscape wall collection and its height-adjustable Altos Desk. Visit Teknion’s tenth-floor showroom, #1048, during NeoCon 2017.

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