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Teknion Launches Carrier Desk, a Modern Twist on the Classic Writer’s Desk


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Built for today’s flexible work model, Teknion brings the office seamlessly into our homes

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April 8, 2021

Teknion announced today the launch of the Carrier Desk, a classic writer’s desk with new relevance and purpose suited for a modern workstyle. The Carrier Desk is a timeless desk that brings workplace functionality into the home. Its intuitive design keeps all personal items within arm’s reach while routing wires discreetly for easy cable management. It’s also designed to be easily shipped and assembled.

“This past year, work moved home for many of us, and we began to understand how limited our choices for the right furniture were – due to both the offerings and our own physical constraints.” says Steve Delfino, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Product Development. “It was also incredibly complicated to understand what many commercial furniture companies were offering – unfamiliar categories, lingo and complex product maps – all at the cost of an easy shopping experience. We’re pretty excited by the changes we’ve made to our e-commerce site, as well as the new product additions like the Carrier Desk which really speak directly to the customer trying to make their home an office. “

“We designed Carrier Desk to not only blend with existing residential furniture but also fit into small spaces within homes, says Steve Verbeek, Vice President of Design + Innovation. “The Carrier Desk’s minimal profile can easily fit in a small nook or corner but has enough space to neatly contain all necessary desktop accessories needed for a productive workday.”

The Carrier Desk design is based on an old concept that works well with modern technology. Built-in functionality and commercial performance are cleverly incorporated. The desk surround keeps tools and accessories neatly contained, with the option for an additional desktop riser that integrates into the design as a second surface to elevate a laptop and/or monitor for improved posture and optimal positioning for Zoom calls. The tiered surface also offers an additional area for organization and enclosed storage. Each Carrier Desk comes with an integrated charging tray and organizers, lined with soft felt, to store small items. The desk legs also come with levelers that can be adjusted up to one inch.

The Carrier Desk, measuring 42” wide and 24” deep, is constructed with laminate surfaces and painted metal legs. Color and finish combinations are varied to match every home’s existing interior. Finish combinations include:

  • Dark Timeless & Classic – Provincial Oak desktop with Foundry Onyx legs
  • Warm & Comfortable – Campus Oak desktop with Atrium White legs
  • White & Light – Ivory Birch desktop with Atrium White legs

The Carrier Desk is featured in Teknion’s new Look Book. The Look Book, which is featured on Teknion’s enhanced online store, is a unique collection of simple, versatile work-from-home essentials that can transform a room, or a corner, into a comfortable, functional workspace. Teknion’s design teams have re-envisioned classic office furniture to quietly mix with modern residential furnishings. The Carrier Desk and other work-from-home furniture are available on Teknion’s e-commerce website. To learn more and to purchase, please visit www.teknionstore.com

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