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Teknion Previews Banqs Collection at NeoCon 2018


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Collection of Sofas with Screens, Tables and Accessories Designed by Pearsonlloyd Creates Banquettes and Linear Booths for Public and Corporate Work-Lounge Settings

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JUNE 11, 2018

Teknion Corporation today announced its initial exhibition of Banqs during NeoCon, June 11-13, Chicago, in its tenth-floor showroom (#1048). Banqs is a focused collection of sofas with screens, tables and accessories. It creates banquettes and linear booths for public and corporate applications, satisfying the need for hospitality and casual work in freestanding spaces or along perimeter walls. Banqs’ versatility in providing meeting, social or dining requirements also maximizes space optimization.

“Banqs recognizes the current desire for a single mixed-collaborative setting that addresses many contemporary workstyles, ranging in use from work to meetings to social,” said Tom Lloyd, PearsonLloyd. “The aesthetic tone is strategically domestic, while the performance is of commercial caliber. Additionally, Banqs provides designers with the tools to create simple standalone layouts, or to integrate with the building architecture and to customize for tailor-made applications.”

Banqs addresses the current A&D desire for casual, mixed collaborative spaces. It can be specified in various environments, spanning traditional markets of corporate, educational and public spaces, to emerging markets of startup and coworking. Banqs provides a means to convert existing cafeteria and perimeter real estate into usable focused-work, impromptu-meeting and social-meeting points throughout the day. This maximizes the versatility and usefulness of the interior workspace. The ability to create freestanding, semi-enclosed meeting spaces instead of closed meeting rooms provides an inviting alternative.

“The Banqs collection conveys a relaxed, inviting, collaborative work culture to users while performing at a commercial level. For designers, the collection is based on an efficient planning module, and key configurations that allow for uncomplicated specification of standard product,” added Lloyd. “Additionally, Banqs can be customized to meet designers’ requirements and vision for millwork integration, or create custom sizes and needs.”

Banqs seamlessly blends with Teknion’s Zones furniture collection, with other Teknion seating products, Studio TK products, plus competitors’ portfolios. 

Varied options for electrics, A/V integration and accessories such as lights provide the ability to tailor the functionality to suit customers’ unique needs.

In addition to Banqs, Teknion will also be featuring the following new products at NeoCon: tn Storage & Accessories collection by Toan Nguyen, Tabletop Screens, Infinity Screens, Swerv Monitor Arm, Punt furnishings, Gus* Modern furnishings and Cerebro adjustable desk/monitor arm/lamp concept. In addition, Teknion will be showcasing enhancements to the upStage furniture system. Visit us at showroom #1048.

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