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Teknion Takes a Fresh Approach to Casegoods Design with Byward


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The collection is scaled to optimize space with essential pieces that can be easily reconfigured

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May 24, 2021

Teknion announces the introduction of Byward, a new casegoods line that is designed to be simple, versatile and affordable. Composed of ten core products, the collection combines streamlined design, dimensions and material construction to enable dynamic cost-effective planning.

“With Byward, we’ve combined a built-in casegoods aesthetic with capabilities that support adaptable office and work hub planning,” says Ami Kvas, Director Product Management, Wood & Custom Solutions at Teknion. “Byward’s focus on essentials and simplicity also yields elegance.”

Desk and storage units are freestanding, finished on all sides, and readily adaptable to changes in workflow or space allocation. Cabinets and tower dimensions are trimmed from depths of 20-24 inches to a lean 14 inches deep, providing a lighter scale than traditional casegoods. Each storage unit features an elevated open base that also contributes to a light aesthetic, with the added functionality of a base shelf.

“The design is an intentional departure from archival paper storage to a lighter and more versatile workflow,” says Dennis Cheng, Senior Industrial Designer at Teknion. “An example of this is the Low Cabinet with a top-loading orientation which offers intuitive organization for work tools, and casual drop-in use.”

Leather pulls, a signature feature for Byward, add a soft touch to the collection. Desks incorporate a power bar and unobtrusive wire pathways to support technology, keeping wires out of sight. Wall Shelves include trays and coat hooks to organize and stow personal items.

Finishes include both wood veneer and laminate options with a range that spans from contemporary to traditional. Byward can also be integrated with other Teknion Casegoods lines, including Journal and Expansion Casegoods, which offer the same finishes and extend planning options by adding height-adjustable worksurfaces and additional storage configurations.

Inspired by the heritage of Canadian forestry, the name Byward pays tribute to the history of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa and its original name Bytown. Once a major trading center for the logging industry and timber products, Ottawa today is home to the renowned Byward Market. Defined by a name both contemporary and rich in tradition, the Byward collection embodies timeless quality.

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