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The Teknion Divert program is a turnkey service that provides the people and expertise to help our customers divert furniture they no longer need from landfill by allowing them to donate, recycle and/or sell that furniture.  


Divert was established to help achieve our customer’s goal of zero waste. Transparent and traceable, this program ensures our customers garner maximum financial and social benefit with minimum environmental impact to themselves and the communities in which they operate. 

We accept any size project and will take furniture and other assets from any manufacturer, even if you are not buying Teknion moving forward.




Your Divert Solution

Your Divert solution can include some or all of these options.



We maximize the social return of your assets by matching them with registered charities in need of furniture.

  • We will identify potential beneficiaries of your donation by tapping into a global database of under-served nonprofits that have been vetted and registered in Europe, USA and Canada, matching available items with identified needs.

  • Our goal is to remain within 100km of your location, which ensures your furniture makes a tangible difference in the communities in which you work and live. To minimize the environmental impact of transporting your used corporate assets, our strategy is to stay local and match a charity that is closest to the community in which you operate.

  • At the end of your charitable donation’s second life, we remove it to ensure the charity is not burdened with disposal costs and the product is funnelled back into our responsible recycling and disposal stream.



Any furniture that cannot be resold or donated is disassembled and recycled in accordance with industry best-practice standards and at verified facilities. During this process, we often recover metals that provide additional financial value back to our customers.

  • All materials we send for recycling are tracked at every point to ensure responsible and ethical recycling procedures are followed from beginning to end. This continues downstream as we track where the recycling facilities send the materials they have processed to ensure responsible and ethical procedures at every step.

  • We go beyond industry standards to ensure the data we provide reflects the real numbers, not just the best case scenario of your Divert efforts. For example, for all items that are recycled, we are careful to not just weigh all materials that arrive at recycling stations and count that as diversion. Rather, we transparently weigh only that which will be recycled.

  • We vet all recycling and disposal facilities in person to ensure systems are in place for precise separation of materials to maximize the amount recycled. Any remaining unrecoverable material is sent to approved waste-to-energy facilities, with an option for purchasing a carbon credit for this material.



We sell as much of your furniture as possible, the value of which returns to you.

  • To offset the environmental footprint of any furniture that cannot be sold, we will recycle an equal weight of similar product.


We accept any size project and will take furniture and other assets that are not ours, even if you are not buying Teknion moving forward.


How We Work With You

Your Divert solution can include some or all of these options.


Transparent Reporting

We track and report the financial, social and environmental impact of your resale, donation and recycling efforts of every asset that enters the Divert program.

Data collected includes:

  • The financial return from the sale of assets and recovery of materials through recycling

Impact reporting of your donated items including:

  • The number of charities assisted.  
  • The amount of volunteer hours generated. 
  • The savings the charity realizes based on the dollar value of the donation.

Downstream reporting of recycling efforts including:

  • The amount and type of materials recovered.
  • The amount of unrecoverable material. Total amount diverted from landfill
  • Real world impact of the carbon offset generated.

We provide any relevant information you need to garner LEED credits.


Simple & Risk Free

We will manage the process from start to finish.

  • In partnership with CSR Eco Solutions, we provide a single point of contact to ensure the process is simple and transparent, with minimal effort and risk to you. CSR Eco Solutions is a global social enterprise that manages the redistribution of decommissioned assets on behalf of corporations, government institutions and healthcare facilities.

  • We provide Transfer of Title of any assets before it leaves your dock eliminating your liability during the transfer of the furniture.

Contact us now to get started on a more sustainable future:

divertnow @ teknion.com


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