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Teknion Introduces Tone, An Entry-Level Task Chair


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The simple, not simplistic, design redefines the meaning of comfort on a budget

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Oona Walsh

Director, Corporate Marketing

Teknion LLC



May 22, 2023

Teknion is excited to announce the launch of Tone, a new entry-level, fully adjustable task chair. In partnership with forpeople, a creative agency based in the United Kingdom, Tone provides users exactly what they are looking for without all the extra bells and whistles; challenging the convention that affordable means limited options and compromised comfort. Thoughtful in each detail at an accessible price point, Tone innovatively marries the needs of people, place, and planet.

“Tone has been a real labor of love for us here at Teknion,” says Julia La, Product Manager at Teknion. “We love to create quietly intelligent products, and Tone is just that—it’s intuitive and inviting, returning to the simplicity of prioritizing comfort and accessibility over overly-elaborate and intimidating high-tech designs.”

Built for the current “more for less” economic climate, the Tone chair doesn’t require sacrificing good design to meet a project budget. By minimizing the scope of the chair’s capabilities to focus on fine-tuning the core mechanisms prone to quick wear and tear, Tone reinforces reliability and safety without compromising aesthetics. Each component from the seat to the armrests is adjustable in both height and depth. Additionally, with a synchro-tilt ratio of 2.5:1, Tone locks in four positions or freely reclines, and provides appropriate support for varying work postures. Tone checks all the boxes: it is available in all markets, meets tender requirements and specifications of the “traditional task chair,” satisfies ergonomic requirements for the 90th percentile of the population, meets North American ANSI/BIFMA standards, has a 300lb capacity weight limit, and possesses enhanced resistance to everyday wear and tear.

Designed to blend seamlessly into any interior setting, Tone’s rounded frame invites touch while the pure silhouette balances simplicity with superior comfort. Quiet yet efficient, Tone also allows for an expressive use of materials with two different mesh styles and sleeve add-ons that provide a visual refresh of the same chair. Performance Mesh features a breathable, open translucent weave while Lifestyle Mesh offers a softer, tighter weave similar to residential fabric. An innovative knit sleeve, adapted from the organic structure of a leaf, adds tactile softness and comfort to the Tone chair. Artisanal in design and craftsmanship, dual yarn pairings create organic melange details. Made to fit, the knit sleeve adds texture with minimal fabric waste and environmental impact, echoing Teknion’s commitment to sustainability and end-users as a whole. Mesh styles are available in an uplifting color palette–fresh blues and greens, warm reds and browns, and restorative neutrals.

To learn more about Tone, please visit https://www.teknion.com/me/products/product-details?productLineId=7700a06f-8e7a-673b-a6c8-ff05004460c4

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