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Teknion Unveils Enhancements to upStage Furniture System at NeoCon


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With an Even Wider Range of User Options, Upstage Can Now be Specified Across the Floor Plan and Address a Wider Range of Organizational Requirements

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JUNE 11, 2018

Teknion Corporation today announced that it is showcasing multiple enhancements to its popular upStage workplace furniture system during NeoCon, June 11-13, The Merchandise Mart, Chicago, in showroom #1048. The latest upStage developments include: new, lightweight, open storage formats; integrated height-adjustability; Side Filers; new frameless upholstered screen formats; softer curvilinear worksurfaces; and new shared open worksurface supports.

“These upStage enhancements provide comprehensive upgrades to the product line by satisfying multiple criteria and organizational requirements,” said Dennis Cheng, Senior Industrial Designer, Teknion. “By combining function, aesthetics, improved planning capabilities and innovative formats, they elevate the perception of office systems product and set a new benchmark in the field of office furniture. With an even wider range of user options, upStage can be specified across the floor plan and address a range of organizational requirements. upStage makes office furniture more human-centered.”

upStage is a workplace furniture system that borrows the best attributes from panel-based systems and casegoods. It is based on a simple platform or stage that frees users from the constraints of a benching frame or panel, allowing them to build along horizontal or vertical planes to create layered worksurfaces and multi-story volumes. The innovative structural staging unit integrates a full complement of desks, height-adjustable tables, cabinets, shelves, cubbies and screens. Integrated in the stage, power and data offer users choice by allowing them to locate the plug-in anywhere along the stage, or move it up onto the worksurface. upStage is like Lego® blocks, with layers of elements to place upon, beneath, or adjacent to the stage. They are easy to rearrange and relocate without tools.

New upStage Storage components include the Elevated Hutch Stacker, Lateral Tower, Storage Cube, Side Filer and Mini Side Filer. Elevated Hutch Stackers and Lateral Towers are designed to balance a sense of enclosure, while maintaining an openness to natural light and enabling air flow between spaces. Lateral Towers offer varied storage options, and double as a meeting surface or a divisional barrier. Mobile Storage Cubes utilize empty space below the stage in an attractive and functional manner. Side Filers double as personal storage and provide space division.

Height-adjustable tables integrate with upStage storage – an innovative approach to providing height adjustability without compromising the furniture look of the workstation. Integration of height adjustability within storage promotes healthy postures, increased physical activity at the workplace and addresses sit-stand worker needs, while keeping mechanisms hidden and maintaining upStage’s clean lines. Credenzas for height-adjustable tables add extra functionality to the layout without hindering the flexibility of the table, which can be moved or reconfigured later if desired.

upStage enhancements feature numerous aesthetic improvements. New worksurface supports allow a reduction in the number of legs required, resulting in cleaner, polished look. New upholstered Infinity Screens with their slim, frameless design are available in a variety of heights and modesty levels. All additions combined provide a lighter, more contemporary expression of the already popular upStage offering.

In addition to upStage, Teknion will also be featuring the following new products in showroom #1048 during NeoCon: Banqs sofas with screens, tables and accessories designed by PearsonLloyd; tn Desktop Storage & Accessories collection designed by Toan Nguyen, Tabletop Screens, Infinity Screens, Punt furnishings, Gus* Modern furnishings, Swerv Monitor Arm and Cerebro adjustable desk/monitor arm/lamp concept. Visit us at showroom #1048.

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