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Teknion Textiles Introduces New Nomads Collection by Suzanne Tick


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New Nomads collection consisting of five new fabrics celebrates the spirit of urban life in the digital age

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February 19, 201​5

Teknion Corporation today announced the introduction of the latest collection by Suzanne Tick for Teknion Textiles – New Nomads.

"We are all New Nomads. As busy workers and global citizens, we move at the speed of light. Work happens everywhere. The streets become our office, a cafe becomes our conference room. Ideas and information flow day and night. Collaboration and connectivity are the tools we use. Wi-Fi is the new currency. Colors reflect the city. Textures and lines reflect architecture. Design is omnipresent. My New Nomads collection celebrates this spirit of urban life in the digital age," said Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Teknion Textiles.

The collection consists of five new fabrics, all depicting texture, color and light as seen through the lens of today’s workforce on the move. 


Ample is a boldly colored upholstery fabric with an extreme woven texture. It has color names such as Voltage and Reaction, which speak to the buzzing energy of the new millennium.​ 


Jetline is a digitally printed stripe vertical fabric, intended for use on wall or panel systems. With just three colorways – Sound Barrier, Supersonic and Velocity – Jetline is the embodiment of speed and light, as often captured in photography of traffic at night. Each colorway has its own bright accent stripe, which creates a sense of action and movement.


Datatown is a wall fabric made with a robust boucle yarn that yields an expanded surface texture. Perfect for wall systems or direct glue walls that require a tactile experience. 


Homage is a study in neutrals. It is an upholstery fabric with a tweed-like texture created with a blend of fibers, rendering a smooth hand. It evokes materials in our surroundings such as concrete, wood and steel, which is the framework for our cities and built environments.


Telecity is a slick and lustrous wall fabric with a unique combination of reflective metallic yarns with soft and matte chenille yarns. It has a high-tech appearance and yet remains soft and tactile. Telecity is suitable for wall systems and can be used for direct glue wallcovering. 

In addition to New Nomads, the Teknion Textiles collection now comprises Surface Tension, Duality, Form + Structure, and Tech Couture. Launched in September 2013, Surface Tension uses duality, contrasting properties and opposing forces to create interest. Duality – which builds on the Surface Tension collection – explores the juxtaposition of textures and lusters within a large range of fabrics. Duality takes this concept further, introducing yet more textures and materials into the brand’s range. Form + Structure references the exaggerated textures, geometric patterns and linear work found in architecture. Tech Couture features upholstery and vertical fabrics inspired by artisanal techniques long associated with couture fashion. 

For more information, visit: www.tekniontextiles.com

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