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Teknion Introduces Swerv XL


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Swerv XL Provides Users with a Simple to Use Heavy-Load Monitor Arm

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January 25, 2021

Teknion launches Swerv XL, a heavy-load computer monitor arm designed to support weights between 20 and 35 pounds and engineered to feel “weightless” while in use. Swerv XL will simplify and enhance technology use.

“We wanted to create a monitor arm that was simple to use but provided the necessary weight support many monitors require,” says Dannion Smith, Director, Product Management, Seating & Ergonomic Products. “Seamless movements allow users to create the ideal positioning when they are sitting or standing in front of the monitor screens.”

Swerv XL can accommodate a single large monitor or dual monitors. With the 30-inch cross brace, dual monitors will remain sturdy and in the desired position. To enhance control while adjusting the monitors’ positioning, Swerv XL features a handle that allows the user to move the monitors to the exact position required with minimal effort. The arm is engineered to feel “weightless” in use.

A newly developed Contrast Screen is also available to add to Swerv XL and the entire Swerve offering. The Contrast Screen is made of smooth felt and placed behind the monitors to create a neutral backdrop that frames monitors. The screen helps resolve visual issues that arise due to contrast between the monitor and other light sources. Contrast Screen helps increase privacy, reduce eye strain, and provide a defined focal point. With the addition of Contrast Screen, users pay more direct attention to their screens than peripheral activities. 

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