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Teknion Elevates the Affordable Work Chair with Two Distinct New Offerings


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Visio and Metric Chairs offer just right functionality in mesh and upholstered styles with refined details not seen at their low price points

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June 08, 2021


Visio’s mesh back has a slim, graceful profile that molds to individual body shape for essential support. An upholstered seat with molded foam increases comfort and weight distribution. Details are refined. These visual cues convey Visio’s straightforward style. Integrated ergonomic features extend comfort.

“Visio features everything required in a work chair with a level of refinement and comfort that’s not typical of chairs at value price points under $350,” says Dannion Smith, Director, Product Management, Seating & Ergonomic Products at Teknion. “An essentials-only design focus keeps Visio simple, affordable and just right.”

Designed to fit most body types, an adjustable lumbar support bolsters proper alignment and posture. The seat and arm rests can be raised or lowered while the seat depth moves forward or back, accommodating user preferences. The chair back tilts and locks in three positions or freely reclines, permitting a seamless shift from one task to another. A five-star base on casters allows Visio to glide and move smoothly.

The Visio frame is available in Ebony or Grey. Fabric choices include Visio Grey or Visio Black, plus ten choices from the Luum Percept palette, with colors ranging from warm neutrals to rich, deep tones.


Shaped and cushioned for comfort, Metric reveals residential influences and flair. The visual experience is soft and receptive. Function is intuitive and effortless with simple adjustments for seat height, and tilt that adapt to the task at hand. Other features include seat depth adjustment, arm and back height adjustment. A five-star base ensures stability; casters provide easy mobility.

Metric’s design enables distinct expressions of style through varied upholstery application. A double layer of cushioning allows for one fabric to be applied to the seat and inner back, and a second fabric to the seat underside and outer back. Combinations include single fabric, dual fabric and mixed upholstery options at affordable price points below $350.

Metric is offered in all grades of Luum textiles, providing a vast array of color, fiber and performance choices. The frame finish is offered in Ebony.

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