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Teknion Textiles Showcases Textured Edge by Suzanne Tick at NeoCon 2015


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Latest  Teknion Textiles upholstery, panel and wall fabrics pays homage to the action of creating art

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J​UNE ​​15, 2015

Teknion Textiles today announced that it will have Textured Edge – a new collection of upholstery, panel and wall fabrics designed by Suzanne Tick – on display in the Teknion showroom during NeoCon, June 15-17, at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. NeoCon is the commercial interiors industry’s most important annual event.

“Textured Edge pays homage to the action of creating art,” said Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Teknion Textiles. “Whether it’s painting, drawing, drafting or sculpting, the process of artistic expression involves materials and tools that help ideas take shape. Early sketches and line studies come to life through the artist’s hand. Texture, both visual and physical, renders the surface with life and stimulates the senses. Layers of color, light and shadow help define form.”

The collection highlights these elements of artistic production in two larger-scale graphic upholsteries, and five wall and panel fabrics that explore texture in all its forms.

Line Language is an upholstery fabric that is reminiscent of the act of drawing and painting. The sophisticated palette of three colors is based on rich art materials such as sumi ink, charcoal and graphite, creating a luxurious textile in look and feel. This linear pattern has a vertical movement of color gradation from both light to dark and thick to thin. Like paint applied with a palette knife, the line work of the pattern shows natural variation as if created by hand resulting in a strong graphic that can be upholstered in either direction.

Subdivide harks back to the Bauhaus, where architectural drawings and plans were drafted with the guiding principles and foundation of modernism. The large pattern of blocks is created through strong graphic lines that vary in intensity and provide a framework for bold color accents. The fabric’s smooth texture and crisp ground allow the pattern to be the prominent feature. Subdivide is for upholstery and is highly durable at 100,000 Double Rubs.

Artopia is a free-form pattern that sweeps across the fabric with expressive movement and bold gesture in a full horizontal repeat. Inspired by the Color Field art of the 1950s, dry-brush painting and contemporary visual artists such as Christopher Wool, Artopia speaks to the act of marking the canvas with broad strokes. The graphic is comprised of duotone dots with a subtle tonal contrast, creating a positive-negative image. The pattern is both additive and subtractive, revealing a beautiful composition of replication and distortion.

In the same way that light and shadow inform minimalist sculpture, Lustrado celebrates materiality and reflectivity. This lustrous wall and panel fabric features a shiny flat tape yarn that twists to reveal two color tones. The weave structure is softened by these twisting yarns, resulting in an organic grid with dimensional texture that shifts across the width. Lustrado’s neutral color palette encompasses light and deep tones in both warms and cools, yet remains technical looking due to the material of the tape yarn.

Bandeau, Presse and Boucle Grid are a group of textural solids created from weave structures. These companion panel and wall fabrics comprise a texture scale study that is colored to work together. Bandeau has a subtle ribbed all-over surface using a fine boucle yarn. Presse has a raised pattern created from a fine boucle yarn and a thicker twist yarn. Boucle Grid uses two scales of boucle yarns – chunky and fine – to impart its deep texture.

In addition to Textured Edge, other new products in the Teknion showroom will include the upStage furniture system, the Livello Height-Adjustable Bench, Variable HybrED Chair and an extensive new laminates program. New lounge seating and tables from Teknion Studio include Cover, Cavu, Qui, and Infinito + Massalla. Visit Teknion’s redesigned tenth-floor showroom #1048 during NeoCon 2015.
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