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Teknion Launches Tek Booth at NeoCon 2019


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Tek Booth’s Combination Of Acoustic Privacy, Fine-Tuned Interiors And Extensive Material And Finish Options Perfect For Short-Term Privacy In The Open Plan

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June 10, 2019

Teknion Corporation today announced the preview of its new Tek Booth at showroom #1048 during NeoCon, June 10-12, The Merchandise Mart, Chicago.

“Booth-like enclosures have become popular in today’s office environments, providing a shared place for occasional, short-duration privacy from the open plan,” said Mike Laudeman, VP, Architectural Interiors. “For workers, Tek Booth provides a comfortable, ventilated retreat in which to make a quick phone or video call, or to spend a short period on focused work. For companies, Tek Booth provides a virtually unmatched array of interior and exterior finish options to accommodate any interior, from young and hip startups to more traditional business environments interested in dabbling in today’s less formal ways of working.”

Tek Booth’s combination of acoustic privacy, fine-tuned interiors and extensive material and finish options set it apart.

Acoustic Privacy

Tek Booth features a sound-absorbing interior with a sound-blocking exterior. A 10mm framed glass door affords an excellent acoustic barrier in conjunction with acoustic seals and adjustable bottom seal. Other door attributes include a magnetic latch, plus soft-close and hold-open features. Monolithic left and right side fascias finished in laminate, wood or magnetic back-painted glass block sound transfer while providing visual privacy. A 6mm double-glass fascia offered in clear or frosted blocks sound transfer from the exterior. 

Fine-Tuned Interior

When the user enters the booth, an occupancy sensor activates the three-step dimmable LED task light and ventilation. Ventilation, provided by a pair of quiet fans integrated into an acoustic micro-perforated ceiling, is also sensor-activated. The fans work in tandem with a base fascia that enables air exchange.

The Tek Booth interior features acoustic tackboards, and a bar-height worksurface ideal for laptops, tablets and phones. The worksurface is angled to maximize usable surface area in a small interior. A bag hook on the surface underside is ideal for hanging bags, purses and knapsacks. Power is accessible via base and ceiling feed options. Stools, optional, are available from Teknion and Studio TK.

Material and Finish Options

Tek Booth is offered in two versions − Preconfigured and Configurable. Simple to specify, the Preconfigured version is offered in nine pre-determined finish options that provide a uniform aesthetic. The Configurable version is fully customizable. Virtually unlimited finish options − over 20 paint swatches, more than 200 fabric colorways, and 70-plus laminate, wood and glass options − provide a custom look and feel.

In addition to Tek Booth, Teknion will also be featuring at NeoCon the Emote Private Office and C+D Conference Table designed by Mario Ruiz, Teknion Bene Box, Teknion Reception Desk Program and Naava Healthtech Green Wall. New seating products include the Just-Us Chair designed by Justus Kolberg, Wilkhahn AT Task Chair, Wilkhahn Occo Multi-Purpose Seating and the Sprout Stool & Table Collection by Thomas Pedersen. Visit us at our tenth-floor showroom, #1048.

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