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​June 26th, 2015


Teknion introduces upStage™, a new design concept that elevates the lexicon of modern office furniture. upStage changes the way you create the spaces we work in.

Just as mid-century modern design transformed 20th century interiors, upStage brings a new topography to today’s office. Based on a simple platform or stage, upStage frees users from the constraints of a benching frame or panel. Build along a horizontal or vertical plane to create layered worksurfaces and multi-story volumes. upStage is real furniture that can be mixed, stacked and moved around.

Real Furniture

A truly unique structural product, the staging unit integrates a full complement of desks, height-adjustable tables, cabinets, shelves, cubbies and screens – and serves as a conduit for electrics. Every element simply moves into place and fits together, offering innumerable combinations and fresh design concepts for a dynamic and collaborative workplace.

Creative Freedom

A rich material vocabulary gives designers an opportunity to be original and bold; to use color and texture to create a more varied and more inspiring work environment. upStage offers a myriad of options, including textiles and wood veneer, translucent and back-painted glass, perforated metal and a range of beautiful metal finishes.

User Choices

Offering an array of versatile furniture pieces, upStage gives users the ability to tailor the layout and configuration of their own workspace, and the position and height of desks, cabinets, cubbies and screens. Equally, teams can create the workspace that works best for their project, moving tables and desks around and adjusting the level of privacy.

As priorities change, upStage adapts.

upStage offers a fresh, new-century look, feel and functionality – a new and more engaging office experience. upStage sets the stage for creativity, innovation and transformation.


hiSpace™, the latest addition to Teknion’s height adjustable tables offering, is highlighted by a signature square leg profile, C-Leg design and electric height-adjustment range from 25 to 50 inches (63.5 to 127cm). A telescopic universal base finished in Platinum supports worksurface widths from 48 to 72 inches (122 to 183cm) in 6-inch (15cm) increments and depths of 24 and 30 inches (61 and 76cm). Worksurfaces are available in Source Laminate, Foundation Laminate and Seamless finishes with four edge-trim styles. A digital display switch with three memory settings is standard. hiSpace is also available in freestanding and stage-integrated versions for use with the upStage furniture system.

livello counterbalance height-adjustable workstation table

A new Livello™ Counterbalance Height-Adjustable Workstation Table with lower height-adjustment range from 26 to 43 inches (66 to 109cm) has been introduced. It includes all of the same features and benefits found in the standard Livello Counterbalance offering.

thesis library tables

Teknion is adding new power options to Thesis™ Library Tables. All Library Tables now feature an integrated cable tray to enhance wire management. The tray is hinged for easy maintenance. Also available is an optional hard wiring kit, predetermined for table size.

sabrina task chair with forward-tilt option

A forward-tilt option is now available on the Sabrina task chair. It provides users with additional posture ranges throughout the day and helps reduce disc pressure during forward-leaning tasks, such as heavy keyboarding. In addition, the option allows the seat pan angle to tilt downward 3 degrees while still synchronizing the back to the appropriate ergonomic position.

noka seating by teknion studio

The Noka™ Seating Series is now offered with a new arm option for both the Guest and Lounge chair models. Designed by Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk, Noka is artfully crafted to add beautiful wood accents to guest seating in private offices or be used in open concepts to add warmth in quick touchdown spaces.

new laminate collection

The June Launch completes the new laminate collection, filling out the remaining designs to form a new contemporary palette that is aligned with Teknion products and sensitive to current trends. The laminate color palette is coordinated to inspire mix-and-match opportunities on Teknion furniture products, and to coordinate with Teknion Textiles and other finish palettes. Color and pattern reflect current design trends to embrace natural materials such as wood, stone and grains in interior finish palettes.

reflect – new linear wood pattern laminates

Reflect is a custom-developed collection of five linear wood-pattern laminates interpreted from Teknion’s signature Flintwood veneer collection. Reflect provides a scalable pattern for Teknion’s diverse product range while offering a coordinate with Flintwood for floor-plate planning.

reengineered lpl and hpl seamless in joint application

In an industry first, Teknion has reengineered its low- and high-pressure (LPL and HPL) laminates to overcome typical industry visual discrepancies. LPL and HPL matches for each laminate design will be more commonly available.

custom-developed laminates

Research discovered that some color and patterns needed to be custom developed for specific office application. The color temperature of the office environment is often a bit cooler than other industries where laminate is used. Three new wood designs – Choice Maple, Campus Oak and Estate Cherry – target current architecture and design trends. In each case, veneer was selected, scanned, translated and colored to Teknion’s unique specifications.

architectural products laminate fascia redesign

From the ground up, Teknion has redesigned its architectural products laminate fascias, making them ideally suited for architectural applications. The fascia laminate category no longer spans both furniture application and Altos, as specific colors and designs have been selected for architectural walls. Designers typically associate laminate fascia colors with surrounding interior building walls, which are often painted drywall. New fascia category laminate colors reflect these popular paint colors.

textured edge

Teknion Textiles introduces Textured Edge, a new collection of upholstery, panel and wall fabrics designed by Suzanne Tick that pays homage to the action of creating art. Whether it’s painting, drawing, drafting or sculpting, the process of artistic expression involves materials and tools that help ideas take shape. Early sketches and line studies come to life through the artist’s hand. Texture, both visual and physical, renders the surface with life and stimulates the senses. Layers of color, light and shadow help define form. The Textured Edge collection highlights these elements of artistic production in seven new textiles: two larger-scale graphic upholsteries, and five wall and panel fabrics that explore texture in all its forms.

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