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​Teknion ​& Marlin Leasing Corporation

Why is leasing more beneficial for your business than an outright purchase?

Outright purchase may not be the most efficient way for your company to acquire its necessary equipment.

Using a financing solution from Teknion and Key Equipment Finance ensures that your business has all the equipment it needs while conserving your working capital. In addition, using one of our financing plans can build-in protection from obsolescence and can create value in terms of financial performance.

Maximizing business benefits

You know that the real value of business infrastructure comes from use, not ownership. Using a financing plan for your business acquisitions: 
• Conserves capital for business needs
• Spreads acquisition costs over time
• Protects from obsolescence
• Provides ‘off balance sheet’ potential
• Tailors payments to the available budget
• Provides easy upgrade opportunities
• Leases 100% of the total solution

Minimizing financial impact

Leasing enables you to pay for equipment as you use it, while your working capital is invested more profitably elsewhere, which can help financial performance.

Leasing can also accelerate tax relief and can provide a hedge against inflation and interest rates.*

Cash flow management and forecasting are simplified because the monthly payment can be fixed from the outset and the expenditure timed to future revenue.

Teknion has teamed up with Marlin

Marlin Leasing Corporation® and Teknion have formed a strategic alliance to provide flexible financing for all Teknion customers. This alliance enhances the ability for Teknion customers in the US to obtain the office furniture they need.

Marlin is a nationwide provider of commercial equipment financing focused on small and mid-size businesses. Since 1997, more than 300,000 businesses have used Marlin's services. Our customers include equipment dealers, manufacturers, distributors and small business establishments.

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