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True vertical integration gives Teknion the ability to control every element of production, reduce costs and ensure prompt delivery. It gives free rein to creativity, allows for extraordinary custom designs, and offers exceptional flexibility on how orders are organized around your needs and expectations. Adjustments others call “specials” are just the way we work.

tn Storage Manufacturing

Watch how our tn Accessories by designer Toan Nguyen are made.  From the first sheet of metal laid out in our manufacturing plant, to the final product proudly adorning your workspace. 

Luum's Tactilty Collection Design Story

Satisfying to watch!  This video shows the production of Suzanne Tick's award-winning Tactility Collection.  Be mesmerized by the manufacturing process, especially the curvilinear stitching of Arc Angle fabric that fades and intensifies. 

Luum's Focus In Collection Design Story

A look at Suzanne Tick's Focus In Collection, including the philosophy behind it. "Fiber represents the starting point, the spirit and the foundation through which our creative philosophy takes shape." 

PearsonLloyd Design Story

In this PearsonLloyd Design Story, the dynamic duo solves complex issues in a simple way with Zones furniture. "It is emotional to fall in love with furniture." - Luke Pearson

Teknion Finishes

If "clothes make the man", then finishes make the furniture.  This video proves that it's all in the details.

Customized Craftsmanship

Our customers are unique. Three-quarters of the work we do is customized in one way or another. We work hard to understand our customers' challenges and find the quickest most affordable way to solve them.

​Mass Customization

The biggest challenge. in creating custom products. is to make them at the same cost as mass produced products. This is not a new concept for us. Watch how we do it.

​Dossier Factory Tour

Designed by John Hellwig, Dossier™ is classic casegoods furniture with a clean architectural look and all of the flexibility desired in today's executive office.

​​Altos Factory Tour

Altos® is an innovative architectural wall system designed with clean, crisp lines to harmonize with building interiors. Use of laminate, veneer, glass and fabric allows creative application of finishes.

​Sidewise Factory Tour

Sidewise™ is a compact casegoods workstation or collaborative hub suitable for one to three resident and non-resident workers in small enclaves.

​Malaysia Factory Tour

2013 marked 25 years of Teknion in Asia and our single largest product launch in the market. Meet the team making it happen.

Manufacturing Agility

In this video we discuss the advantages of our 18 focused factories from the total control of engineering and quality control to how our wealth of knowledge allows us to develop unique solutions for our customer's needs.

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