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Lines™ is a stylish, modular desking system offering planning flexibility and a wide range of materials and finishes. Lines interprets space in new ways, adapts quickly and easily to changing needs, and accommodates a range of workstyles. Modular, interchangeable components simplify specification and installation time, while minimizing downtown during moves or reconfiguration.

Designed and developed in Europe, Lines is the building block that creates a complete office workspace.

• The structure utilizes metal-to-metal components, maintaining durability during reconfiguration

• A range of surface thicknesses and finishes is available, including a twin edging option that creates the appearance of a slimmer worksurface

• Height-adjustable legs range from 620mm to 820mm

• Legs are recessed, providing added space under the desk

• Legs are attached to a structural beam under the worksurface, enabling shared use across adjacent desks/benches

• Accessories such as monitor arms, lighting and CPU holders are beam-mounted, freeing up valuable desk space

• Complementary storage and meeting tables

• Meeting tables feature a central service channel in the surface for convenient access to power/data

• The under-surface beam structure enables quick and simple cabling; trays accommodate cables, power bars and transformers

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