LED Reading Lamp (THERL)

Power/Data Cube (THEPC)

Power/Data Center (THEPM)

Underworksurface Plug-In Power Bar (THEPP)

Communication Box (THEPD)

Power Box (THEPB)

Power Harness (THECP)

Base Feed (THECB)

Power Harness Extenstion (THECE)

Wire Management Cover - Adaptable Leg (THEML)

Base Feed Power Pole (THEMP)

Floor Box Cover (THEMB)

Wire Management Clips (THEMC)

Cable Tray (THEMW)

Square Grommet (THEGQ)

Cable Pass-Through Cover (THETC)

Power Kit - Library Table (THEPKL)

Base Feed Extension Harness - Library Table (THEPKE)

Power Kit - Peninsula Worksurface for Library Table (THEPKP)

Power Kit - ADA Extension for Library Table (THEPKA)


Cable Pass-Through Cover (THETC)

The Cable Pass-Through Cover is mounted on a Cable Pass-Through ring on Solid End Gable, Rectangular Base or Carrel Supporting End Screen.



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