Rectangular Worksurface (THWR)

Connecting Trapeze Worksurface (THWC)

Trapeze Worksurface (THWT)

Rectangular Team Worksurface (THWD)

Rectangular Flip-Top Table (THFRS)

Rectangular Flip-Top Table with Glass Top (THFRG)

High Rectangular Table (THTS)

High Rectangular Team Table (THTD)

Rectangular Instructor Worksurface (THPR)

Rectangular Instructor Desk (THPD)

Transition Instructor Desk with Fixed Lectern (THPT)

Lectern Podium (THPL)


Rectangular Instructor Worksurface (THPR)

This instructor table allows the use of seating position with the integration of a Pivoting Lectern and minimal foorprint on the worksurface.



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