Transit (includes Ability)





Rectangular Worksurface (TWRR)

Straight Transition Worksurface (TWST)

Outside Radius Worksurface (TWOR)

Standard Corner Worksurface (TWSC)

Standard Radius Corner Worksurface (TWSR)

Split Radius Corner Worksurface with Keyboard Support (TWRX)

Split Corner Worksurface with Keyboard Support (TWCX)

Radius Corner Worksurface with Return (TWCR)

EDP Worksurface (TWES)

Bullet Top Worksurface (TWBS)

P-Top Worksurface (TWPS)

Modified P-Top Worksurface (TWMP)

D-Top Worksurface (TWDT)

Tapered Worksurface (TXTA)

Standard Corner Worksurface (xm) (TXSC)

Radius Corner Worksurface with Return (xm) (TXCR)

Guest Corner Worksurface (TXGC)

Flask Worksurface (TXFL)

Straight Countertop (TWCS)

Bullet Countertop (TWCB)

Double Bullet Countertop (TWCD)

Angled Countertop (TWCA)


P-Top Worksurface (TWPS)

The P-Top Worksurface combines the features of a rectangular top with a round multiple guest end for meetings. This product can be used in a panel-mounted, semisupported, or freestanding environment.



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