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· Suspended Modesty Panels provide discreet privacy and are available in frosted and back-painted glass, laminate and metal options.

· Worksurface Edge Screens provide partial privacy in open and collaborative applications. They are available in frosted glass and laminate.

· Center Add-On Screens and Desktop Cabinets mount off-module on the Desk-Mounted Shelf or can rest directly on the desk.

· Low Credenzas provide ample storage while accommodating casual seating when used with a seat cushion. Shelving supports accept additional paper flow.

· Supporting Towers with side access shelving offer alternate planning and filing choices. A 1-inch-thick wrap-around case provides an integrated worksurface mount option.

· Freestanding storage functions as a worksurface support when used underneath surfaces or attached from the storage side.

· One-inch-thick Floor Screens provide a cost-effective alternative to space division.

· One-inch-thick Floor Screens with glass provide enclosure while allowing natural light within workstations.

· Two-inch-thick Freestanding Screens may be used alone or connected together to provide varying degrees of privacy. They function to enclose a workstation in side-wrap applications or behind desks to enhance corridor appearance.

· Ideal for collaborative areas, 29-inch-high Credenzas provide shared access from either side with a cubby space for additional storage.

· An integrated access door on Spine Desks provides easy access to power and data underneath the worksurface.

· Modular Desks accept standard 52-inch-high Structural Columns that allow space-saving double overheads.

· The Structural Column framework supports Elements, Overhead Storage, Countertops, Tool Rails, and accessories.

· Height-adjustable desks feature split worksurfaces with an adjustment range of 2632 inches. The back surface remains fixed, maintaining height consistency of components above the worksurface supported by the Structural Column.

· An optional grommet on Spine Desks efficiently routes cables into the wire management channel.



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