End Gable (UNGEN)

End Gable – Height-Adjustable (UNGEAN)

Flush End Gable (UNGEF)

Flush End Gable – Height-Adjustable (UNGEFA)

Mid Gable (UNGMF)

Mid Gable – Height-Adjustable (UNGMFA)

Cantilever (UNLVR)

Off-Module Cantilever (UNLVFN)

Cantilever for Panels with Accessory Beam (UALVFN)

Semi-Suspended Gable (UNGSN)

Semi-Suspended Gable – Height-Adjustable (UNGSAN)

Leg – Single (UNLGN)

Leg – Height-Adjustable Single (UNLGA)

Leg – Pair (UNLGPN)

Height-Adjustable Leg – Pair (UNLGPA)

Worksurface Panel Wall Bracket – Pair (UNBP)

Worksurface Panel Wall Bracket – Height-Adjustable (UNBPA)

Storage-to-Panel Bracket (UWSPB)

Worksurface-to-Tower Bracket Kit (UWBT)

Height-Adjustable Worksurface-to-Tower Support (UWBTH)

Low Credenza-to-Worksurface Support (UNCPWN)

Reconfigurable Low Credenza-to-Worksurface Support (UWCPWN)

W/R/S Mounted Worksurface Bracket (CVWB)

Flush Plate (UNRF)

Structural Flush Plate (UNRFS)

Worksurface Reinforcement Channel (UNRC)

Mini Leg (UNCLN)

Centermount Cabinet Support Posts & Trim (UNOPT)

Centermount Cabinet Support Brackets & Trim (UNOBT)


End Gable (UNGEN)

The End Gable provides end of run worksurface support. Available open or with infill options.



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