Top Trim (UNTT)

Panel Top Trim for Panels with Inset Glass (UYTT)

Top Trim – Power Pole Access (UNTTP)

Bridged Top Trim for Panels with Inset Glass (UYCT)

End Trim (UNTE)

End Trim (UATE)

Intermediate End Trim (UNTM)

Two-Way 90° (UNPCR2)

Three-Way 90° (UNPCR3)

Four-Way 90° (UNPCR4)

Two-Way 180° Spacer (UNPCCR)

Two-Way Intermediate 90° (UNIC2)

Three-Way Intermediate 90° (UNIC3)

Four-Way Intermediate 90° (UNIC4)

Two-Way Intermediate 180° (UNICC)

Two-Way 90° Corner Cap for Panels with Inset Glass (UYPC2)

Transition Cover (UNTC)

Top Trim Cover for Panels with Inset Glass (UYTC)

Wall Start (UNPCW)


Transition Cover (UNTC)

The Transition Cover provides a seamless vertical trim cover when a two-way intermediate 180 panel wall connection occurs above a three-way connection.



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