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Peninsula Modesty Panel Solid (BAMPL)

Peninsula Modesty Panel Metal (BAMPM)

Suspended Modesty Panel Solid (BASML)

Suspended Modesty Panel Glass (BASMG)

Suspended Modesty Panel Metal (BASMM)

Semi-Supported Gable with Spacers Solid (BWGG)

Semi-Supported Leg- Solid (BWGL)

Frame Leg Open (BWWO)

Frame Leg Full Infill (BWWF)

Fixed-Height Bevel Base - Solid End Panel (BWWB)

Elliptical Base (BWEB)

Central Square Post Leg (BWSQ)

Ellipse Leg (BWSE)

Column Leg (BWSC)

Central Round Post Leg (BWSP)

Angular Leg (BWAL)

Worksurface Edge Screen - Solid (BASWL)

Worksurface Edge Screen Glass (BASWG)

Table Screen - Fabric (BCTPF)

Table Screen Ribbed Translucent (BCTPT)

Multi-Functional Drawer (BADMF)

Accessories (BRAX)

Retractable Keyboard Shelf (RAKB)

Seat Cushion (BASC)

Elliptical Grommet (BLGE)

Rectangular Grommet (BLGC)


Elliptical Grommet (BLGE)

The grommet can be field installed when cable management is needed.



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