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We take a long-term approach to our corporate responsibility efforts, as they empower us to invest in programs and processes that raise the bar and further sustainability.

As a manufacturer, our priority is to minimize the environmental impact of our activities. Guiding these efforts are a set of Foundation Programs. We have carefully selected these programs based on our ability to use them as tools to raise the bar for our industry and ourselves. They also drive transparency and accountability through the use of third-party auditing and reporting. We do not chase certifications.

Culturally, we are hardwired to flex and collaborate. We use our programs to support our clients’ goals, objectives and expectations. We carefully survey new and emerging standards to understand their relevance in helping advance sustainability. We expand our efforts, adding initiatives and programs that address long-term environmental and social trends, and challenges that will shape the future of our operating landscape. Most importantly, we are then able to challenge our thinking and broaden our understanding and perspective. By doing this we often go further.



Our Foundation Programs

First Manufacturer in Canada:
Certified ISO 9001: 2015
& ISO 14001: 2015

Five of our facilities in Quebec and one in Calgary were the first manufacturing sites in Canada to be certified by CGSB to the latest ISO environmental and quality management system standards.

from 2010 to 2018, we have saved:

• 20,550,000 kwh of electricity, enough to power 2,055 homes for a year.

• 2,450,000m2 (86,520,933 cu. ft.) of natural gas, enough to heat 1,290 homes for a year.

• 127,326 L (33,636 gal) of propane, enough to heat 27 homes for a year.

• 231,592 m2 (8,178,594 cu. ft.) of water, enough to fill 92 Olympic-sized pools.

• 90% waste diversion since 2010.

• 36,167 tonnes (39,867 tons) of GHG, The equivalent of removing 7,230 cars from the road for a year.

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Design for the Environment

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BIFMA Level, LEED, & WELL Certified

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Forest Stewardship Council

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Reducing waste:
Diverting waste from the landfill

hazardous waste

Switching to a manual spray booth reduced residual hazardous materials by 19 percent, even with a 25 percent increase in sales at our Quebec glass facility.


375 tonnes/month (413 tons/month) of wood offcuts from our Quebec facilities are recycled and used for energy.

Making music from scrap

Wood offcuts from our Calgary facility are sent to local instrument makers where they are transformed into ukuleles for budding musicians at Mayland Heights School in Calgary, a multi-cultural school of about 470 students who partake in a busy music program.


We developed custom software for our laser cutting machine at our panel plant with our supplier to nest fabric cutting, thereby minimizing fabric offcuts and waste.


Scrap metal offcuts are recycled into stiffeners for our whiteboards.


Resource Reduction:
Reducing our footprint by relieving pressure on the electrical grid

The Demand Response Group is a joint effort between our production and facilities groups to review and reduce electric load on the grid during peak times, including turning off HVAC systems, adjusting production schedules, reducing lighting and other energy-saving strategies.

620,000 kwh per year

of electricity saved through retrofits of next-generation LED lamp technology.

85% reduction

in energy consumption through upgrades of our computers to more energy efficient models. That is 49,200 kwh per year of electricity saved for every 200 computers.

Life Cycle Management:
Extending the life of our furniture

Teknion is providing the people, skills and services to ensure maximum financial and social benefit with minimum environmental impact for our customers’ decommissioned furniture.

Over the past year, our end-of-life efforts have:

Diverted - 683 tonnes (752 tons) of furniture from landfill through donation, recycling and reuse.

Donated - 4,252 decommissioned furniture items, supporting 71 charities.

Recovered - 207.7 tonnes (229 tons) of metal through recycling of decommissioned furniture – enough to make 40,650 Projek chairs.

RBC + Teknion:
Winners of the prestigious CoreNet REmmy award in the Corporate Citizen category for extending the life of our furniture


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